Details about voting for the PyLadies Global Council Members

Voting for the PyLadies Global Council

Who can vote

Any registered PyLadies voting member.

As of today we have registration available in:

If you would like see registration provided in another language, please request on the GitHub issue.

How many candidates can I vote for?

The election will select 6 candidates according to the rules of selection outlined in the election overview. However, when voting in the Helios election, you can vote for any candidate that you approve of (e.g. 9 of the 9 candidates).

To read about the candidates for the PyLadies election 2020, read more at the candidates page.

How Do I Vote?

If you are a registered PyLadies voting member, you should have received a ballot on or around September 8, 2020 AoE from Helios with details on how to cast your vote. Voting closes on September 18, 2020 AoE. If you cannot find the email, please search your inbox and also check your spam for the word "helios". If you are still missing your ballot, contact us in the PyLadies Slack in #project-elections channel.

Once you login to Helios, be sure to follow the process until you see "Congratulations, your vote has been successfully cast!".

  • Must be a current membership and not expired as of August 31, 2020 AoE