Candidates for the PyLadies Global Council Election 2020

PyLadies Election 2020

The following candidates have registered for the PyLadies election 2020. The election will select 6 candidates according to the rules of selection outlined in the election overview.

When voting in the Helios election, you can vote for any candidate that you approve of (e.g. 9 of the 9 candidates).

Candidate: Ana Cecília Vieira Silva

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: Brazil
  • Employer: Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies Brazil, Recife, Brazil
  • Affiliations: PyLadies Brazil, Recife, Brazil Co-Organizer, Open Knowledge Brasil, Women in Data Science Recife

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Candidate Statement:


I’m Ana Cecília, member of PyLadies Recife since its foundation (2014). Now I’m one of the co-organizers of this chapter. In my local community we’re working on a mentoring program to support women who want to plan their first talk. During the social isolation we started the series Quarentena lives on Youtube where our mentees present the lectures they have planned with the program. In this program I’m a tutor, helping in a broadcast and in the communication team.

Besides that, I’m currently helping the PyLadies Brazil chapter, which is a network of all local PyLadies communities in Brazil. I’m working to involve all chapters in this network with the goal to empower them and build an environment to mutual collaboration. Regarding the recent things I’ve working on lately, the milestone I would like to highlight is the series Papo entre PyLadies on Youtube. The goal of this series is to introduce PyLadies chapters from Brazil, so weekly 2 chapters interview a third one about its history, inspirations, activities and community impact. Each episode looks like a chat between friends, even if the women haven’t met each other yet. We think this conversation format is more enjoyable, can spread easier the chapters and bring them closer to each other. I’m responsible for contacting with chapters, the broadcast, script and financial. We started in May and couldn't imagine the true impact on the network PyLadies Brazil. Now, three months later, we increased the activities as a network, gathering new ladies to local chapters, created work groups to organize our communication, docs, tech and a study group.

In the communication team I’m updating the information in the website, reactivating the news channel at Telegram and making some announcements to events. In the tech team I’m working on maintenemant the website and implementing some new features.

I help in others initiatives. I’m civil innovation ambassador of Open Knowledge Brasil, which has a mission that promotes a world where all no-personal information is open, free for everyone to use, build on and share. In Brazil, it’s the most important organization in the defense of digital rights, data and information transparency. I’m contributing to an open source project that transforms the official diaries of municipalities to open format, increasing the “open data” subject in the local community by events and conferences.

I’m also an ambassador of Women in Data Science Recife since 2019, which has a mission to inspire, educate data scientists and support women in this field. Our aim is to give visibility to the professional experiences and research of women local data scientists. I work estimating budgets for catering, securing sponsorship and to finding a venue.

At work, I manager the data opening at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. My goals as a member of PyLadies Global Council is work to bring more diversity and inclusion at Global board, bring brazilians communities closer to global decisions, support content translated into other languages and collaborate to improve communication.

Candidate: Ana Valeria Calderón Briz

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: México
  • Employer: Fairplay (Freedom to Scale) México
  • PyLadies Chapter: Pyladies Ciudad de México
  • Affiliations: Pyladies Ciudad de México Co-Organizer, Python Guatemala Community Co-Founder

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Candidate Statement:

Python/PyLadies Community Contributions:

Python Guatemala Community Founder and Lead Organizer.

In 2016 I found out that there were no Python Community in Guatemala, so I started looking for advice on getting started the community and how to run it so finally in april 2017 After finding some support with friends who also used python as a hobby or at work we launched the first meetup in Quetzaltenango City. It was a success I didn't even imagine that so many people was interested in the Python language. Quetzaltenango is the place I lived in at the time so i started there but I knew there is always people that needs just a little push to get started everywhere, I also knew the potential of Python and how much it helps to the people to learn more from a inclusive community so I started organizing meetups in many different places like Guatemala City and Huehuetenango and also giving talks at local events both from other communities or University events, I am happy to have inspired some students to start using Python and also to be more open to join the local communities, since Guatemala didn't have that community culture and sometimes is scary to get into a world that might be unknown or the misconceptions in which we might believe that only "experts" are welcome. PyLadies Mexico City Co-Organizer.

In June 2018 I moved to Mexico City for a job opportunity and a few months later I got in touch with the Pyladies México City which accepted me as a Co-Organizer, from that time to now we have Organized 2 Women in Data Science (Standford) at UNAM with around 400 assistants and with a proudly 75% of women. Our objective has always been to create a secure and inclusive space for people who identifies as ladies and in which no matter the level of experience we are glad to have them as speakers or assistants. We also organize Workshops and monthly meetups changing the location of the activities to be more accessible to the people since Mexico City is seriously big!.

Python Conference Organizing:

  • PyCon USA 2020 Speaker Mentor
  • PyCon Latam 2020/2021 Co-Organizer
  • PyCon USA 2018 Pyladies boot Volunteer
  • PyCon Canada 2019 Volunteer
  • PyCon Latam 2019 Volunteer
  • Django Girls 2019 Mexico City Mentor

Other Python Community Contributions:

  • PyLadies Global Election Site Translation to Spanish
  • Jupyter Notebooks Documentation translation to Spanish
Python Conference Speaking
  • PyCon Canada 2019: Datetimes in Python without loosing your head
  • PyCon Latam 2019: Sopita de datos con espinacas (Web Scraping)
  • PyCon USA 2018: Reactive Programming with RxPy
  • PyCon Spain 2017: Breakout Detection en Twitter para analisis en series de datos.

Goals as a PyLadies Global Council Member:

My main Goal in the PyLadies Global Council Member is to analyze and implement a better way to communicate to the communities trough the world. Currently the Pyladies Communities have a small or null communication trough one chapter to another and even though we are very close to each other in distance we might not even be aware of which communities are out there, I think that it is very important to have a good way to communicate to other organizer to support to each other and to build a solid organization.

Another very important Goal is to understand how to get to more people in Latin America and the world, even though we already use Social Networks and other spaces to share projects, activities, events or communities a lot of people doesn't even know about the existence of the PyLadies community, I think that first we need to understand which are the channels to reach that people and then implement a strategy to make the people know about us so they can have the CHOICE to join the nearer chapter.

PyLadies have helped me a lot as a community member and in my professional career trough sharing knowledge and making networking with people from all around the world, I want more people to have access to this network.

Candidate: Jessica Upani

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: Namibia
  • Employer: Namibia University of Science and Technology (Student)
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies Windhoek, Namibia
  • Affiliations: Python Namibia President

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Candidate Statement:

I have a great passion for community building and I was fortunate to have lead the Python Namibia community since 2015. This has given me so much experience that I am now ready to expand my experience globally. PyLadies is a great platform to assist as it empowers so many women, and my country is not different, we are firing up women here too and it has been a phenomenal experience. I'll be happy to share my skills to enable more women globally.

Candidate: Juliana Ferreira Alves

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: Brazil
  • Employer: Student
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies São Carlos, Brasil
  • Affiliations: None provided

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Candidate Statement:

Hello, I'm Juliana Alves, a member of PyLadies São Carlos since April 2017. In a nutshell, when I met PyLadies São Carlos I was lost and considering giving up college (where I was studying Chemical Engineering). Then I had the first contact with programming with a Python Introduction course by PyLadies São Carlos. That day I discovered my interest in programming and the Python community.

After that I became a member and I quickly started helping the group in their various activities. It took me only 4 months to organize and teach a Python course, which was offered at the Federal University of Sao Carlos (UFSCar) and had almost 60 participants.

The community brought up my potential and made me feel able to study Computer Engineering at UFSCar. Nowadays, I wonder if I would have found out what I’m capable of if I hadn’t met PyLadies and had my first contact with programming.

Thus I’m grateful for the PyLadies community, which has given me experiences, knowledge and personal development, and I want to give it back by helping other women to discover their potential and have the same opportunities that I had.

PyLady community work:

  1. In order to help women from several fields to have their first contact with programming I idealized and co-organized the Python Introduction Course open to the public in São Carlos city, in August 2018;
  2. Women sometimes don’t feel safe on the web because of some specific issues. Thinking about contributing to solve this problem, I gave the lecture " Women's security on the web" at Caipyra 2019, an event of the community of Python in São Carlos, city in the countryside of the state of Sao Paulo;
  3. Targeting vulnerable girls from public schools (middle and high school), I co-idealized and co-organized “PyLadies nas Escolas” (in english “PyLadies in the schools”), a project in partnership with the University of São Paulo for teaching, weekly, Programming Introduction with Python, to around 30 girls, during 6 months, in 2019;
  4. Because of the lack of Python Intermediate study material, I co-idealized, co-organized and co-created the study material for the Intermediate Python Study Group open to all PyLadies in Brazil, during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020.


  1. Promote PyLadies to reach women and impact their lives, through social media commitment, several presentations in differents places (like schools, neighborhoods, universities, companies…), open events also targeting more vulnerable women out of the tech community (like LGBTQI+, people of color, mothers and underprivileged women);
  2. Foment the connection among the chapters, providing events (online and in person) for the community, synchronizing social media posts, creating partnership chapters projects and spurring participation in events (of regional, national and global scale) as well as promoting job opportunities;
  3. Encourage the sharing of ideas, project, events provided by each chapter, in order to build up knowledge inside PyLadies and explore the potential of each woman in our community;
  4. Encourage and implement projects that make the access to programming possible for women and girls, in order to end with structural stigmas that repel them from technology, and naturalize diversity;
  5. Create a shared information center for successful projects from each chapter, to be recognized and reapplied in other chapters, inducing group growth as a whole;
  6. Transparency of council and chapters decisions. I believe that decisions, discussions and the financial situation of the group should be public knowledge in order to achieve all these goals.

Link to the Portuguese(BR) version.

Candidate: Lynn Root

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: United States of America
  • Employer: Spotify
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies New York City
  • Affiliations: Python Software Foundation, Django Software Foundation, Association for Computing Machinery

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Candidate Statement:

Hi there! My name is Lynn Root, and I'd like to be considered for an elected seat on the inaugural cohort of the PyLadies Global Council!

TL;DR: I was heavily involved with leading and growing PyLadies since 2012 on a local and global level, needed a break for a year or two, but now re-energized and want to get my hands dirty again!

Long version: I’ve been involved with PyLadies since 2012 when I was teaching myself how to code. Some highlights of my involvement in the community:

  • I started the San Francisco chapter in April 2012 (just after my first PyCon!). Over my 4 years of leadership & organization (before I relocated to NYC in 2016), I grew the local community to over 4,000 members (which was, and still is, the largest PyLadies chapter!). It’s so great to see that it’s now over 6,000!
  • I helped found other chapters, including Stockholm, Prague, and Zagreb, by organizing and hosting their inaugural events in collaboration with local leaders.
  • I wrote `pip install pyladies` and to provide the tools and guidance necessary for prospective organizers to start new chapters in their local community. I wanted local organization to be democratized!
  • I worked with the Python Software Foundation to provide us with fiscal sponsorship, allowing us to accept tax-deductible donations.
  • I help run every PyLadies charity auction at PyCon US (with the exception of the first year – the conference organizers made it a surprise!) that raises money to help women from all over the world attend PyCon.
  • You might have seen me at our PyCon and EuroPython booths as well – I have organized our presence at both conferences since 2013 (aka I brought the t-shirts, stickers, and a friendly face).

Other fun stuff:

  • From 2013 - 2016, I served on the Python Software Foundation’s Board of Directors, and served as Vice Chair to the board my final year.
  • In 2015, I helped start the Django Software Foundation’s Code of Conduct committee to help create a safe environment for the Django community.
  • In 2015, I wrote a “retrospective” of how the Python community has been doing towards improving its diversity with a focus on how PyLadies has influenced its progress.
  • Since 2017, I have helped organize PyGotham - the local Python conference in NYC - as the diversity chair.

Why you should vote for me:

I loved supporting and elevating my fellow PyLadies and friends of PyLadies; it is so very rewarding to see community members succeed based off of the supportive PyLadies’ network. However after 7 years, I got a bit burnt out and needed to step back to focus more inward. I’m glad I did, because other talented and motivated PyLadies were able to step in and grow this community worldwide with vigor and inclusiveness. Now that the community has renewed energy, it has inspired me to get involved again. I want to harness this energy to strengthen our community’s foundation so that anyone can come to us and feel “at home.” And I believe my extensive experience can help get us there.

Other CV-type things:

  • Staff Engineer @ Spotify (7 years)
  • Seasoned speaker at various Python conferences, including PyCon, EuroPython, and DjangoCon
  • Creator/Maintainer of interrogate (among others, that being one of the more successful ones)

Candidate: Olga Berezovsky

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: United States of America
  • Employer: VidIQ
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies San Francisco
  • Affiliations: Women Who Code, Women In Analytics

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Candidate Statement:

I'm Olga, Senior Data Analyst. Born in Ukraine, based in San Francisco. I have been PyLadies member since 2016 and always felt supported by this community while dealing with different challenges (getting started with Python, feeling lost in ML, job search). Over the last 4 years I did a few lightings talks, presentations, translations, organizing meetups within PyLadies community, but I feel this can be the time to invest and contribute more to developing and promoting our wonderful supportive community.

I am also a member of Women Who Code and Women in Analytics organizations. In my free time I do ice skating, writing and flying (I'm a pilot).

Candidate: Sayantika Banik

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: India
  • Employer: Continual Engine
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies Bangalore
  • Affiliations: Pyladies Bangalore Co-organizer, Django Software Foundation Board member, Bangalore User group organiser, SocialCoder & Founders4Schools Volunteer

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Candidate Statement:

Community has always been a vital part of my life and career.

They have shaped my ability to think and have motivated me to contribute back. Unfortunately, there are still so many developers struggling to find a safe space where they are treated equally. One of them was me!

Personally I want to spread a simple message to treat everyone well and to speak up when needed. Pyladies is one such platform which is helping a lot of developers to confidently rise up and present their ideas especially Women.

I have learned so many wonderful lessons being part of various communities. Currently, I am contributing as a board member at "Django Software Foundation" and Organiser at "Pyladies Bangalore & Bangalore. In the past I have been associated with "Google Developer Group, Bangalore" and "Women Techmakers, Bangalore".

Apart from earning my livelihood, I mentor developers across the globe under programs like "Learn it Girl", "GirlScript Foundation", "Founders4School" and "Women Techmakers". I actively take part in volunteering for a social cause here in India though "Atal Innovation Mission" where students are introduced to STEM in their early high school days.

Together we can bring in a significant difference!.

Candidate: Tania Allard

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: United Kingdom
  • Employer: Microsoft
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies Northwest UK
  • Affiliations: JOSS, Alan Turing Institute, UKRSE

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Candidate Statement:

I want to propose my candidacy for a seat at the PyLadies Global Council.

I have been involved in the wider Python community for about eight years, first locally in the UK where I am based and posteriorly locally. Over these years I have been involved in running and organising Python-related conferences, sprints and meetups as the founder and organiser of Pyladies NorthWest UK. Over the last year and so much work has been taking place to improve the broader Pyladies organisation, infrastructure and processes, one of which is the creation of a Pyladies Global Council, and I have been able to participate and provide input along the way.

Therefore I would love to be able to continue working in the improvement of Pyladies as a whole. Some things I would personally like to work on are:

  • Mechanisms to better support PyLadies chapters and organisers, from providing better onboarding processes to sustainability and community growth
  • Further work on the PyLadies Code of Conduct, reporting and enforcement guidelines and processes to continue making this a supporting, safe and welcoming community for us all
  • Continue and expand the scope of Mentored Sprints for diverse beginners in partnership with PyLadies and the PSF (Python Software Foundation) to provide open source mentorship for folks from traditionally minoritised and underserved groups in our community

Candidate: Tereza Iofciu

  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Country of Residence: Germany
  • Employer: Free Now / Neuefische
  • PyLadies Chapter: PyLadies Hamburg
  • Affiliations: Board member of Python Software Verband

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Candidate Statement:

I've started the PyLadies Hamburg chapter two years ago as I felt there was a lack of diversity efforts in Hamburg. Since then we've done a lot of workshops and meetups also together with other Python organizations in town. I really love the PyLadies initiative as it is by far one of the least selfish communities with clear values. This is really motivating me to get involved and help out and I've been doing that on off when having time.