Details about the PyLadies Global Council Election 2020

PyLadies Global Council Election

Election Calendar

  • Open call for Council Member Nominations: August 6, 2020 AoE
  • Council Member Nomination cut-off: August 31, 2020 AoE

  • Voter application cut-off date: August 31, 2020 AoE

  • Voting start date: September 7, 2020 AoE
  • Voting end date: September 18, 2020 AoE

Register as a Candidate for the Election

Those interested in declaring their candidacy can do so on the the apply page.

Declaring winners

In the case of the PyLadies Global Council election, the top N candidates are accepted based on the number of open seats in that Election provided that, with the top N candidates, no more than 33% of the Council is from the same country of residence. If there is a tie for the Nth seat, then there is a script that may be used to break the tie in our PyLadies election repository.